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 Verschil Lakeland terrier - Welsh terrier

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BerichtOnderwerp: Verschil Lakeland terrier - Welsh terrier   26/3/2011, 22:18

"A Welsh has a deeper chest and a shorter back.
And a Welsh is a bit bigger than a Lakeland.
Also the tan markings on a Welsh have a deeper red colouring than a Lakeland. A Lakeland should NOT have squirrelred markings as they are considered uncharacteristic.
And nowadays a black and tan Lakeland is quite rare. Far more common is grizzle and tan, which means the dark markings on the back and neck are blue-ish grey, varying from very dark to quite light blue.
On a Welsh the backpattern should cover his back and neck like shown in the image on the right, but on a Lakeland the markings may be more or less, whereby more is very very rare, but less is very common.
Often the black or grey is reduced to a small patch on the back and a black tail is very rare.
Also a Welsh is born black with small tan markings and he get's his definite colouring within the year, whereas a Lakeland may turn lighter the older he gets.
Often Lakelands that are grizzle and tan when a year old, may have become redgrizzle by the time they are 6 or 8 or older."
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Verschil Lakeland terrier - Welsh terrier
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